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It is a coastal town located in Mallorca, belonging to the municipality of Santa Margalida in the Balearic Islands. It is known for its wide coastlines and beautiful beaches. Do not miss the crystalline waters or all the activities that Can Picafort has for you.

It is considered an excellent tourist destination for families and place to live thanks to its location near other towns such as Alcúdia, one of the cities with the most historical and antiquity monuments available on the island. In Can Picafort you will not only have leisure and investment opportunities, but also several interesting activities to dabble in.

Can Picafort History

Can Picafort It has a history that goes back several centuries, despite the fact that most of the buildings in the community are more recent and modern. For a long time it was a small fishing village, known for its fishing industry and marina.

Over the years, in the 1970s, this area began to develop as a popular tourist destination thanks to its attractive beaches and open spaces, with a wide range of accommodation and services for visitors.

Until today, Can Picafort has continued to grow and evolve, in order to offer a wide variety of leisure and recreation options, as well as being a popular destination for those looking for a heavenly home, sun and interesting attractions.

What is it like to live in Can Picafort?

It is a quiet and paradisiacal town overlooking the sea where you can find many places to have a good time. One of the most sought-after activities are the tours along its coasts and excursions to natural places such as the S’Albufera Natural Park which has routes for activities such as hiking, especially to its expanse of sea.

1. Places of leisure and residences

This detail is often highly valued by visitors and locals, as it consists of crystal clear waters and white sand perfect for walks. As if that were not enough, is easy to enjoy these places thanks to the excellent residences in green areas with views to the ocean. This residence is a farm with beautiful facades and a space of 114 m2 and spaces such as a laundry room, living room, terrace, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. As if that were not enough, it also has its own private garage in its basement.

Among other interesting places that you can visit is its yacht club, where you will enjoy spearfishing championships, the sailing school and you can rent canoe, diving and rowing equipment. If you visit Can Picafort at the beginning of October, you will see the annual Saladina Art Festival, where its international artists will paint large murals along with live music and workshops.

If you want more alternatives, it is possible to enjoy living close to the sea in one of our chalet houses. It consists of a 176 m2 space where the house with a 6.9mts facade is located, with spaces such as a living room, garage, terrace, two bedrooms and two recently built bathrooms. Keep in mind that your kitchen still needs to be finished, and you can also start a project to expand it to one or two more floors.

A strong point in terms of touristic interest are the water sports, open spaces and dozens of restaurants and shopping centers that Can Picafort offers. It is possible to stay in its best properties so that you do not miss out on the unique and unforgettable experiences that the town offers.

Among his best residences you may find a fourth floor apartment with beautiful sea views since it is only 50 meters from the beach. You may also enjoy evenings in its lounge and kitchen open to balcony in addition to its three bedrooms with a dressing room, a bathroom and an air conditioning system for hot days.

2. Study opportunities and job offer in Can Picafort

This town is not far behind in terms of study possibilities, since it has different educational institutions that go from the most basic education to middle school. And if you are looking for a university education, you may find university offers approximately 40 kilometers away.

Having a property in this area ensures a good location to carry out any type of study. This without mentioning its job offer, which is growing and has positions oriented to the service, administration, commerce and tourism sector due to its large influx of visitors.

3. What does Can Picafort offer in real estate?

It is not only an excellent and startling touristic point for visitors and residents, Can Picafort It is also capable of offering the best options in terms of location and available housing. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy a place in the center of the town or near its beaches and green spaces.

One of the most central homes in the community is this excellent apartment in Santa Eulalia. It is a very well-kept 76 m2 first floor that has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a spacious bathroom and air conditioning. As if that were not enough, this house is sold fully furnished and you have a parking space and a waste area.

Another good place is in Santa Eulalia where you can stay is in our ground floor with terrace and patio. It has three bedrooms, a dining room and living room, kitchen, a spacious bathroom and an 8 m2 terrace. You have dozens of options to reform or start living in the house located in one of the most populated centers of Can Picafort.

If you are one of the most strict and need a spacious and complete place, you can choose apartment with a private pool and large terraces. It has a 108 m2 penthouse, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and gas central heating. With two terraces (one with 25 m2 and the other 20 m2), you may have an excellent view to the ocean.

Conclusion about Can Picafort

Can Picafort is both a tourist destination and an excellent place to live. All this thanks to its variety of activities, locations and shops. Of course, its residential areas are not far behind either, since you can find in them beautiful homes with many rooms and balconies to enjoy the view. In case you need consulting and advice on which are the best locations, homes and apartments to live in Can Picafort, you can contact us. We are here to help you choose your preferred residence through friendly and personalized attention.

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