The Property Professionals Involved with Purchase

The Estate Agent and Property Consultant

What is the difference?

Estate agents (agentes inmobiliarios) are people of the  area and therefore will only have properties for sale within that area in the case of Mallorca most of the biggest agency are offering properties in all the island . The agent earns commission from the sale of the property and will try to obtain the best possible price for the property, he knows  what price the vendor can accept . he is also able to give the buyer an estimation of the fees  and the property charges for which they will be responsible.


Property Consultants  ( as we are in Pascual Associats )  , as their title means, will search for a property  within the client’s price range  and matches their requirements. Most of them offer a personal service, taking the potential purchaser to view the properties they have short-listed. They can charge a fee  to the buyer or take a percentage commission from the price of the property  instead. ( in this case the seller will be charged )

In Pascual Associats  we don’t charge any fee to the buyer

Pascual Associats   MUST BE YOUR REFERENCE – WE DON’T CHARGE ANY FEE TO THE BUYER –You will have always the same interlocutor and it will be easier for you to define your project.

We have a meeting with the buyer when we try to define the requirements and the range of prices. We can see also the problem of the mortgage and if you want something to refurbish we  can come with an  architect and a builder .

The Notary

The notary is a public official and given the title of Notario. The notary is highly qualified in the Spanish legal system and is able to advise about property transaction , taxes and family, succession and corporate laws. He is the people con can legalise the property purchase. Notaries are Public Officials and provide legality to the contracts they supervise. They are responsible for the conveyance, preparing the various documents to confirm  the seller’s title to the property. They had to check tthat there  are no other mortgages on the property, no problems with embargo … They are personaly responsible for all the documents signed with them , which provides a guarantee for the client.

The buyer can choose is own notary.

In our area we have :

In santa margalida :

in arta :

in son Servera .

The lawyer

Face the language barrier you may think it would be better for you to have your own lawyer. know that it is not an obligation, and that the notary will do for you all the legal checks for free as part of its mission.

However If you choose the legal advice know that it will cost you between 1 and 1.5% plus VAT

Pascual Associats  can help you with the legal process before to go to the Notary, we can help  for all banks  and rentability problems, for all legal issues related to the construction and other legal preoccupations, we are happy to put our team at your service.

Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker works with various Spanish banks and mortgage providers. he knows exactly in which bank for which case and understands .  He will act as the buyer’s intermediary with the lender. There is a certain cost but it will be paid directly by the bank .they are professional and have professional indemnity insurance and are registered with each bank and mortgage provider they represent.

In most of the cases the broker will not charge to the buyer.

Pascual Associats  can give you a listing of good brokers in the island

Architects and Surveyors

An architect or surveyor should be considered if purchasing an older property or one in need of renovation. Pascual Associats works with Technical architect and builders .

They will have experience with planning and obtaining necessary permits and certificates, and be able to provide an estimate of the cost. They should also know of reputable registered builders who have their own insurance to cover their work, which is essential especially if taking out a mortgage for renovation or improvement works.

Pascual Associats can manage all you project from design to realization, by negotiating for you the best market price for the best quality, Pascual associats  will monitor your project without having to make you anything .You can enjoy the perfect result without the worries of the implementation.

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