La cedula de habitabilidad – What is it and what is it for?

La cedula de habitabilidad – What is it and what is it for?


When we buy a property, we have to know if the property has the cedula

It is very important, but we have to know why and what exactly the cédula is.

The cédula de habitabilidad is the administrative document that says that a property meets the basic conditions to be inhabited, this cedula will also help us to know how many places we can request if we want to make our house a holiday rental.

In order to obtain the cedula, the property must have a certain living area, the minimum services such as bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, bedrooms. Depending on the date of construction the property will have or not its cedula. Thus, very old houses that have not been reformed do not usually have a cedula de habitabilidad. You will have to apply for it because of its age.

Also in many cases the licence has expired as it is valid for 10 years or has been lost, in these cases you can ask for a copy from the council or if you are renewing the licence, you can apply for a renewal.

To renew the license, which is the easiest way, you have to ask a technical architect to fill in the form of the Consell, attach the expired license with a photo of the facade of the house, a title deed of the applicant, your ID card and utility bill.

Once the renewed cedula has been presented to the Consell, it will be delivered in about 15 days.


Old cedulas and different data from the current ones

Sometimes the renewal is complicated especially for country houses because a cedula of first occupation of the 80’s may not correspond with the current geolocation references, for example what was identified in the 80’s as KM 16 of the road from S… to C.. is identified today as the property of polygon X plot number z, in this case the Consell will request a certificate from the town hall stating that the polygon x plot Z is located at km 16.

A report from the technical architect must be presented.

What is the cédula de habitabilidad for?

The purpose of the cédula de habitabilidad is to ensure the habitability of the dwelling based on its healthiness, hygiene and solidity. In addition, having the certificate of habitability in order will allow us to register the electricity, gas and water services. It is also an essential requirement to be able to sell or rent the property.

Types of cédulas de habitabilidad

There are three types of certificates depending on the age of the property:

1. Cédula de primera ocupación: this corresponds to newly built homes, i.e. it is the cédula de habitabilidad in new housing.

2.           Cédula de segunda ocupación: this refers to dwellings that already exist. It corresponds to the renewal of the certificate of first occupation and, therefore, it is the certificate of habitability in an old dwelling.

3.           Cédula de primera ocupación de rehabilitación: for those dwellings that have been refurbished.



What does the cédula de habitabilidad document contain?

Both the certificate of habitability and the definitive qualification must contain the following information:

4.           Address and location of the dwelling.

5.           Useful surface area of the dwelling.

6.           Rooms and spaces making up the dwelling.

7.           Maximum occupancy threshold.

8.           Identification of the qualified technician who has carried out the certificate.


If you do not know how to do it, we can help you with the whole process.

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