Muro: The best beaches in Majorca and a beautiful place to live

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Muro is a beautiful town located in the north of Mallorca, one of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean. Known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as its rich cultural and gastronomic heritage, Muro is an ideal destination for those seeking a quiet and authentic island getaway.

In this post, we will take you through the most outstanding corners of Muro, from its narrow cobbled streets to its dream beaches. Together we will discover its history, its culture and its traditions, as well as its best typical dishes and products. If you are looking for an authentic and charming place in Mallorca, Muro is definitely a place you should not miss.

Where in Mallorca is Muro?

Muro is a town located in the north of the island of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands of Spain. It limits to the north with the municipality of Alcudia, to the east with the Bay of Alcudia, to the south with the municipality of Sa Pobla and to the west with the municipality of Llubí. 

It is located about 50 kilometers from the city of Palma de Mallorca, which is approximately 45 minutes by car, and you will be able to find the airport near the capital city.

Muro’s History

The history of this town dates back to the Talayotic era, as evidenced by the archaeological remains found in the area. Later, during Roman times, the town became an important agricultural and commercial center, thanks to its fertile land, its strategic position on the island, and its beaches. 

During the Middle Ages, Muro became an important center of population and commerce, and important monuments and buildings were built, such as the parish church of Sant Joan Baptista. Currently, Muro is a prosperous and constantly evolving town, which has managed to preserve and value its rich history and cultural heritage.

What activities can be done in Muro?

The city of Muro is internationally recognized as one of the best holiday destinations available in Europe. This is thanks to different activities, festivities and locations within its borders, but above all things is Playa de Muro. 

In Catalan, Platja de Muro, is considered one of the best beaches in all of Europe for its natural beauty, its crystal clear waters and its extension of more than 5 kilometers in length. 

Playa de Muro has fine white sand, and is surrounded by a lush pine forest and sand dunes. In addition, you may practice different water sports, such as windsurfing, sailing and kayaking, and it has a wide range of tourist services, such as restaurants, bars and shops.

Other tourist attractions that you cannot miss in Muro are the “Sant Joan Baptista Fair”, which is held in June and is one of the most important festivals in the municipality, and the “Fira de s’All”, a gastronomic fair dedicated to the product typical of the area, the “all” (garlic).

Fiestas de San Antonio

Of course you can’t miss the San Antonio Fair either, a fair that is held in January and is dedicated to animals and the rural world.

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How is the gastronomy in Muro, Mallorca?

Muro’s gastronomy is characterized by its simplicity and the use of local and seasonal ingredients, in which garlic stands out, known in Catalan as “all”, which is the star product of the district. 

Some of the typical dishes of Muro’s cuisine are the “frit de matances”, a meat and potato stew cooked with garlic and other spices, the “tumbet”, a kind of vegetable pie, and the “pa amb oli”, a slice of bread with olive oil, tomato and garlic.

And what is the pastry in Muro like?

In pastry, “ensaïmades” stand out, a typical island sweet made with flour, lard and sugar, and “crespells”, flower-shaped shortcrust cookies that are usually made at Christmas. 

In addition, in Muro you can find different wineries and cooperatives that produce traditional wines and liquors typical of the area, such as “herbes”, a herbal liquor that is made by hand and is very popular on the island.

Natural spaces in Muro

Moreover than Muro’s beach, there are different natural spaces that function as tourist attractions and allow people to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Some of these are:

  • Natural Park of s’Albufera in Mallorca: is a natural wetland park located on the north coast of the island, in the municipality of Muro. This park is one of the most important natural landscapes of Mallorca and It is home to a wide variety of waterfowl and other animal and plant species. The park has different hiking and cycling routes that allow you to explore its natural beauty The park has different hiking and cycling routes that allow you to explore its natural beauty.
  • Mirador de sa Creueta: is a viewpoint located in the Tramuntana mountains about 10 km from Muro, in Port de Pollença. From this viewpoint you can gaze at impressive panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the north coast of the island. The viewpoint has a small rest area and is an ideal place to stop during a hiking or cycling route in the area.

What is the lifestyle like in Muro, Mallorca?

Muro is a quiet and peaceful town on the island of Majorca, and the lifestyle there is relaxed and friendly. The people of Muro are mostly local and maintain the traditions of the island.

The city has a wide range of services and amenities for its residents, including: restaurants, bars and shops, as well as sports and leisure facilities.

The lifestyle in Muro is also influenced by its proximity to nature, since the city is surrounded by fields and mountains, and has a wide variety of natural spaces that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. 

The tranquility of the city and the beauty of its natural surroundings make Muro an ideal place for those seeking a relaxed life away from the hustle and stress of big cities.

Muro’s architecture and  the beauty of it’s old and new buildings.

The architecture of the houses and buildings in Muro, Mallorca, is distinguished by its traditional and rustic style, with typical elements of Mediterranean architecture.

The houses are usually built with natural stone or exposed brick walls and their roofs are made of tiles or concrete. Balcony and windows usually have wrought iron bars and the entrance doors are usually made of solid wood.

An example of this is a landplot for sale located between Can Picafort and Muro in the area of Son Morei. With wonderful panoramic views towards the Bay of Alcudia and a housing construction project.

Public buildings, such as the town hall and the church, also follow this architectural style, with sober and elegant facades and details in carved stone.

In general, the architecture in Muro adapts to the needs of the hot and dry weather with a simple and functional style and also large terraces and patios to allow you to enjoy the sun outdoors. It is also common to find typical Majorcan’s decoration elements, such as ceramic pots and statues of saints.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the construction of new homes in a more modern style, incorporating materials such as steel and glass, although traditional architecture remains predominant in the city of Muro.

Is it worth moving to Muro?

Muro is a multifaceted city where various types of people can enjoy living in it. 

In a first case, Muro is an ideal place for those seeking tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere. The city is small and has a small population, so it is a place where you can enjoy a more leisurely life and in contact with nature. 

If you must first think about it before moving, you can first rent a vacation home, then we recommend you our 904 sqm single-family house with a 2750 sqm garden, where up to 8 people can have a well-deserved vacation, since it has a vacation license.

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Another reason to live in Muro is that it is close to beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, making it a popular destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and nature.

On the other hand, Muro can also be a suitable place for those looking to get to know better the Mallorcan culture and its rich history.

The city has interesting traditional architecture and numerous historical monuments, such as the church of Sant Joan Baptista or the Ethnological Museum of Muro, which show the culture and lifestyle of the region.

It would also be a perfect city for adventurers who love hiking and mountaineering, while fishermen and surfers would find it a paradise. In conclusion, if you don’t mind getting away from the smog, the incessant noise of the city, its hustle and insecurity, Muro can be a perfect location for you to live in.

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